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  • Since 1929 in shipping

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  • Since 1929 in shipping

    Marittima Ravennate


Rules of the “Briscola” card game (Trumps)

Cards’ hierarchy and value:

  • Ace (11 points)
  • 3 (10 points)
  • King (4 points)
  • Knight (3 points)
  • Jack (2 points)
  • 7, 6, 5 ,4, 2 (0 punti)

The gradual score collected by each player is shown. The “briscola” is shown uncovered even after it has been picked up.

The two players receive three cards each, the well (the cards still to be distributed) has 33 covered cards and one uncovered; the suit of which is the “briscola” suit of the cards deck.

There is no duty to reply to the suit. Who has the highest “briscola” or the highest card of the attack suit wins and gets two cards. The winner of each catch, catches the well’s first card, which is shown and displays the attack card of the next catch. The looser catches the well’s second card, which is shown as well and displays the second card.

Once the well is emptied, the last three cards of everyone are played with the same rules, until the deck is finished and after that the score’s calculation starts.

Deck’s victory at 61 points. It is not considered to even the score at 60 points.

It is possible to play return matches to the bitter end, with the same rules of the first match. In return matches, the first deck dealer is the opponent of the first match’s deck dealer.